Why a Root Canal?

At the center of all teeth is the dental pulp. As tooth decay advances, it can approach the pulp which can lead to acute or prolonged sensitivity or even, in advanced stages, a dental abscess. Other ways the dental pulp can be involved and a root canal needed is trauma or exposure to extreme temperature. This leads to a condition called pulpitis which is often irreversible. Many patients are familiar with root canals but have heard outdated or inaccurate horror stories of root canals. However, modern equipment and treatment modalities have rendered endodontic treatment predictable and relatively pain-less in the majority of cases.

A root canal removes pulpal tissue, sterilizes the space, and removes the source of discomfort. In some cases even in the absence of discomfort, a root canal can offer a solution to compromised retention for a filling or crown by providing more space for a post or other dental materials. Most teeth which undergo root canal treatment are followed up with a proper crown to yield long-term final strength.

At Southpoint Family Dentistry, we work with some of the best local endodontists (root canal specialists) to address issues with the dental pulp in order to reach predictable, positive long-term outcomes. Our specialists share our conscientiousness and approach to total team dental care and goals of optimal clinical success.

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